Cross-Border Euro Bnk Transfers

About SEPA

At the moment, every country in Europe still has its own domestic payments system. However, under new European regulations, everyone will soon have to switch to systems based on the standards of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). Your own bank will explain what the introduction of SEPA is going to mean for your organisation.

Going forward, we will be using SEPA Business Direct Debit (B2B) to collect your payments. The change has a number of important implications, which are explained below.

Setting up for SEPA

  • In order to use SEPA Business Direct Debit (B2B), we need you to sign a new mandate then send the mandate to your bank and also send a copy back to us.
  • You need to register the new mandate with your own bank. It is important to register it as soon as possible after completing the form. If you sign the SEPA Business Direct Debit Mandate Form and send one copy back to us, and one to your bank using your usual banking channel.
  • The mandate forms need to be signed by someone who is an authorised signatory for your organisation, whose power to make payments is not subject to any financial limits. It is important that your bank is aware that the person in question has the relevant authority and that the bank has a specimen of his/her signature.

What you should consider

  • Once a payment has been made by direct debit, you are not entitled to reverse it.
  • The mandate will expire automatically if no direct debit instruction is submitted for a continuous period of 36 months.

Please complete and sign the SEPA Business Recurrent Direct Debit Mandate Form, then send one to your bank directly using your usual banking channels and one to us. If you no longer want to pay automatically by direct debit, please inform us and your bank as soon as possible.

For further information and to obtain a SEPA B2B Mandate form please contact: or phone +1-619-500-1440 CET.

* MRI = Mandate Related Information

Note: Contrary to Standard (Core) European direct debit, for the B2B European direct debit your debtor must also inform its bank of the B2B mandate to activate it. For this purpose it must provide its bank with a copy of the B2B mandate, duly signed by authorised people, stating their names and positions. If the debtor does not do this, transactions cannot be executed.

By doing this, the debtor confirms that they agree to their account being debited in accordance to B2B European direct debit rules. This measure was added to provide the required guarantee for the B2B mandate, as there are no rights to refund under B2B European direct debits.